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AVPM, AVPS, LWL, MAMD, and now Starship. Who doesn't love the amazingly creative cast and crew of Team Starkid? I know all of you do, because that's why you're here. You're addicted. It's a crisis. No worries though, because you're not alone.

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“Yeah, he’s unemployed now so… He’s a bum.”
“I’m a bum. Oh my god, you guys are interviewing a bum.” 


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  • Joey and Dylan
  • Joey and Lauren

Starkid SPACE Tour - Chicago Nov. 8, 2011

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Starkid - The SPACE Tour Interview

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This is my video for the SPACETEST contest to win tickets to the Atlanta showing of the Space Tour. If you all could do me the favor of watching it and maybe even rating/commenting on it, I would REALLY appreciate it.

So yeah, this is my video from my personal Tumblr. Like I said before, I’d really appreciate it if you all could watch it and possibly rate or comment it on Youtube.

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Submitted by digitalfare.


Team Starkid friendships romance:


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I changed the URL for a stupid reason and it messed everything up, so it’s back the way it was before. 

Sorry for the confusion.

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Joey Richters shoes, everyone.

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